Writing a Winning Classified Ad

With so many listings available online, you might be worried about your own ad being drowned out. Successful individuals and corporations know how to make their ads stand out so more people see them. This goes for private sellers, families that need their lawn mowed, small businesses, and even large corporations like Nike.com or Melaleuca.com who want to find and attract the best job candidates.

There are some simple tricks and tips you can follow to make sure your ad isn’t going unnoticed among the listings. Here are five ways you can write a winning classified ad online.

Pictures Worth 1000 Dollars

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of an ad, they can be worth as much as money. When creating your classified ad online, make sure to post as many pictures as possible of the product, item, or object you are trying to sell. This gives the viewer a better understanding of the product and its condition. The pictures can also answer any questions they have about the item being listed in your ad. Be sure to post a lot of pictures from different angles. Using a single image or an image you found online will make viewers think your ad is a scam.

Information & Specs Is Key

When it comes to the body and writing of your ad, make sure the paragraphs are cut up into simple sections. Try to post as much information in the ad about the items to give potential buyers and deeper understanding of the item for sale. Post important information like the condition of the item, colors, and measurements in both inches and centimeters. Save the potential buyer time with the information. If they have a lot of questions, then they will skip your ad for another one since most online buyers don’t want to spend the extra time contacting and waiting for the seller to reply.

Use Keywords

The more related tags and keywords you write into your online classified ad, the higher increased chance buyers will have of finding your article when searching for items. Dedicate the bottom section of your ad to just keywords. Make sure they are related to the items you are selling and don’t spam random and commonly searched words. This can make your ad look deceitful and like a scam. Be honest with your tags and keywords and make sure to use the most important ones in the title of your ad. A great example would be a listing for bunnies having keywords such as “animals, pets, rabbits, bunnies, children, easter, etc.”

Multiple Categories

If the object, items, or service you are listing can be placed under multiple categories on the site, then make sure to take advantage of them. Buyers tend to search specific categories for items they are looking for. You can maximize viewers by listing your ad under multiple and relevant categories. Avoid listing the ad multiple times under the same category or irrelevant topics as they can make your ad look like spam. People will also report your ad for being listed incorrectly and the site will remove it. If people see your ad multiple times under the same category, they will grow annoyed and be more likely to skip it no matter how relevant it is to their search.

Clear Contact Information

Sellers can sometimes forget to post their own contact information. Often times they will post it but in a complex or difficult to find manner. Place your contact information at the beginning of your ad and again at the bottom. Make sure your contacts are easy to read and clear. Don’t limit yourself to just listing an email, add your phone number, skype, and username. Make it possible for them to contact you through multiple ways in case they can’t reach you in one.

So wether you are writing an ad to sell a home, advertising a yard sale, or inviting people to a political event, take the time, and put effort into your ad copy.

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