Buying a used cell phone or tablet is a smart move because you can save a lot of money doing it. The average savings that you can get by buying them used is $50-$100. However, you can end up losing money if you purchase a phone that someone has reported as stolen or is not in good condition. It is possible for you to end up with a great deal and a great phone but you have to be very careful and use some helpful resources before you make the purchase.

Where to Find a Phone Online

Online classified sites are the best places to buy used cell phones. They are good choices because they eliminate the middle man and put you directly in contact with the customer. There are no shipping or Escrow type issues involved. If you use the classified ads, you can make an appointment to meet up with the seller at a public place where you can put cash in his hand and receive the device in your hand. Craigslist is one of the most popular classified sites, but you can check with some other ones like Oodle and Close5, too. You can just visit the sites and search for cell phone or tablet ads in areas that are close to where you live. You can click on the ad to read the seller’s description of the product.

What to Do When You Find a Phone You Like

When you find the phone that you like, you can ask the owner some questions. First, you must ask the owner if the phone has any defects. Secondly, you need to ask the owner for the phone’s serial numbers so that you can enter that information into a resource like to see if the phone is clear for activation. The tool will let you know if the phone that you are getting ready to buy has been blacklisted as stolen. If you get a clean report back from the system, you can proceed with your transaction. Ask the seller to meet you in a public place. That’s always the best option for purchases just so that you know you are all safe. A public place provides a secure environment for a transaction to occur without any mischief.

How to Pay for the Phone

Classified ad transactions usually require cash. Take exact change with you and make sure that you examine the phone before you complete the transaction. Make sure that it starts, makes a call, goes on the internet, has sound and responds to button touching. You may want to plug it up and make sure that it takes a charge, as well. Check for cracks and other blemishes. When you are sure that the device is in tip-top shape, you can complete your transaction with the seller in confidence. You may even be able to put an insurance policy to protect you so that you can keep your device for many years.

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